Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking: Fixed


Here the topic explain about Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking and How to solve this audio problem using the essential steps below mentioned. Google pixel / pixel XL users faced audio problem when talking on the phone, sound issues can be caused by the Bluetooth and sound not be fully loud. Below we’ll get into some of best solutions that you can try to fix your Pixel and XL sound issues.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking

If the sound problems still are appearing after my suggestions. It’s fully recommended to contact the retailer to get the Pixel or Pixel XL replaced the new one if you have purchased with in a month. The following is a article on how to fix Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking.

Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking: Fixed

  • Turn off your Google Pixel or Pixel XL, remove the inserted SIM card. Try to reinsert the SIM card on turn on your smartphone.
  • It may not possible Because your smartphone is new one. But our suggestion to try if any of Dirt, debris and dust could be stuck in your microphone, try to clean the microphone with the compressed air and ensure to see if the Pixel and Pixel XL sound problem is fixed.
  • Another way the Audio problem can be caused by the Bluetooth. Turn off Bluetooth device and see if this will fix your sound problem on the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.
  • Wiping cache of the smartphone can also solve audio problem. It may not solve but try to resolve Google Pixel and Pixel XL Audio Popping Clicking issue.
  • Another suggestion is to enter the Pixel and Pixel XL into Recovery Mode.

Step 1: Identify the issue

No sound is coming out of my speaker.”

If you’re experiencing this issue, there could be a few of the reasons why. Par example, you might be using the headset or other device with the phone, which could be causing your speaker problems. Either way, you’ve got some issues. Move on to the Step 2.

Step 2: See if your headset is causing the problem

  • Remove any and all the accessories you’re using, including the headset, and place a single call by leaving a message on your voicemail.
  • Check the voicemail messages and again play back the test message.
  • If you can hear any message, you will want to replace the headset.
  • If you can’t hear message, move on to the step 3.

Step 3: Test the external speakers

  • Make test video clip with audio and record any voice for a few seconds.
  • Play back again recording on your external speakers.
  • If you can hear any audio, the speakers are so fine.
  • another one If you can’t, try to performing  factory data reset.
  • Great! If that works,  If not work fine, move on to the Step 4.

Step 4: Let the pros handle it

  • If none of the mentioned steps above have fixed your device speaker problem, get your device checked out at a service center. You may have any hardware issue, you’ll need to have the speakers replaced.

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